I Love You A Hundred


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My little baby isn’t such a baby any more, and I have to admit, it makes me a little sad. She’s 11, and heading towards the teenage years way too fast for me.

Ever since the day she was born, I’ve told Bell, at least once every day “I love you a hundred”. I don’t know why I started saying it, or where it came from. It just felt like something that should be said, and always has. Over the years she has asked me what it means exactly, and I’d say it’s my way of saying that I love her a whole lot.

When she was a baby, we went through the usual sleeping dramas, and I would dream of the day when she would go to sleep easily and not wake until morning. That time came pretty quickly and she has been loving her sleep for quite a few years now, and has always loved sleeping in her own bed.

If she was sick, I would have her in my bed, mainly for my own peace of mind. And because John has always worked nightshift, there was plenty of room for her.  On those nights that she was in my bed, I loved holding her little hand as she fell asleep. It was so nice to have my little girl close, and ready for a cuddle.

These days Bell’s just about too old to hold my hand in public any more, and I must say, I miss it. Every now and then I’ll reach for her hand when we cross a road, and she gives it, until she remembers she’s a big kid now. Yesterday morning, John started work at 3.00am, and I was just dozing off back to sleep after he left, when Bell came into my bedroom. She’d had a bad dream and was still half asleep. I asked if she would like to sleep in my bed, and she was in like a flash! As she was dozing off, she reached out and held my hand. I was transported back to when she was a little one, needing her mum close. It made me so happy to have that soft little hand in mine, and I realized she is still just a little girl, who needs her mum. I drifted off to sleep with a full heart.

We still do lots of stuff together, just Bell and I, and I really cherish those times. I know she’ll need me less and less as the years pass, but also know that at times when she does need me, I’ll be right there.

You never think there will be a time when they’re not your baby any more, and kind of take it for granted. I’m hoping that we’ll always have a close bond, even if we’re not always holding hands.


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  1. That’s beautiful Lisa. They do grow so fast. People tell you they do and it’s true!

  2. Beautiful hon. I love holding hands with my girls and am lucky that they still allow me that closeness and love cuddling in bed together as well. Enjoy your moments together xxx

  3. Gorgeous, I love that line… I love you a hundred, priceless…. dropping by from FYBF

  4. I dread the day my boys won’t want to hold my hand in public or show affection .
    They grow up too quickly.
    Beautiful post Lisa

  5. Oh, Lisa! This post really resonated with me. My boys are growing up so fast and I try and steal kisses and hugs from them as much as I can! But you’re right – as long as we will always maintain that close bond, I think I can give up the hand holding…maybe 🙂 x

  6. Ahh this kind of made me sad. I don’t know what I’ll do when that day comes. I read somewhere about a woman saying she would pay a million dollars to have her children’s toddler years back again. I’ve never forgotten it and I’m willing time to go a little more slowly here!

    • Yes, you quickly forget the hard times, Denise. It’s all those lovely little memories that are so special.

  7. Beautiful, Lisa. I love that she still hold your hand and hope she never stops. I’m 44 and I still sometimes hold hands with my mum! 🙂

  8. This brought tears to my eyes. My babies are growing up too fast and it’s something I never thought I’d say. I just hope they never grow out of cuddles or hugs. x

  9. I don’t have kids but did notice a definite change in my niece after she hit double digits. Before that she was keen to have a sleepover whenever she could and I felt like a special person in her life. Things changed once she became a teenager and even more so in her mid teens.

  10. Reading that made my heart feel full xx I have never held back from telling my kids I love them.

  11. This post gave me one of those ‘awww…’ moments and I’ll admit – my eyes welled up a little. Since I had my baby girl 10 months ago, I find this happens to me often. I finally now understand the love between a mother and her child. I am dreading her growing up. It’s already happening too fast.

    My husband has a similar ‘I love you’ saying for me. His says that he loves me like big piles of sand. (Heaps)! haha

  12. What a pretty saying. We often say ‘to the moon and back’, which I love!! I like the above saying ‘piles of sand’ too!

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