On Land And Sea



Look at this glorious mangrove, feeling as much at home in the water as on the sand. I just love how sturdy these beauties are.


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  1. It’s always fascinating to see things growing where you don’t think they should. I always get surprised by plants growing out of rocks.

  2. I can hardly see the land from this angle, it almost looks like it’s floating. Beautiful shot.

  3. They are pretty cool aren’t they – trees are quite special x

  4. It sure is stunning from this view point.

  5. Amazed at how these trees live, with their roots exposed and being swamped by water all the time.

  6. Classic shot and amazing trees.

  7. Gorgeous! Was that photo taken down my way? I love the mangroves. I did a post on the Mangrove walk at Wynnum North when I first started my blog. I’m amazed at how many visits it still gets. No comments … but lots of visits! lol

    • It’s actually near me, at Redland Bay, Min. I keep meaning to do the mangrove walk at Wyn. Nth. Must do it!

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