Strawberry Summerpunch!


Summer in my world is:

Hot, sweaty, sticky, balmy.

Free from layers of clothes.

Early light, late dark.

Easy afternoons, leisurely dinners.

Smoothies for breakfast.

Mangoes on every menu.

Lychees and prawns filling the fridge.

Constantly filling water bottles.

Ice blocks for kids and puppies.

School holiday routines, no rushing.

Pyjama days spent reading.

Lunch in the pool.

Shell and driftwood collections growing.

Summer in my world is:

Always welcome.


Linking up for the first time with the glorious My Little Sunshine House for Sunshine Sundays.






  1. Beautiful Lisa! I can feel summer through your words. Yes…lychees and mangoes…so summer :) Thanks so much for linking up and being part of the Sunshine Sunday community xx

  2. That jug of ice cold strawberry water just stopped me in my tracks. So summer! I just had to tell you how good it looks!

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