5 Good Things For You

stacked pumpkins

Some new good things for a new year.

1. Try a new colour.  Do you always find yourself wearing the same colours? It’s so easy to fall into that habit, especially if you know those colours suit you. But why not try something a little different, and go for some colours that you thought would look good on you? You may find that a new colour brings out your features, and will make you feel like a new person.

2. Be proactive, not reactive.  Some negative situations could be a whole lot less volatile if you dealt with them before they blew up. If you can see things are heading in a bad direction, do something to change it. It’s all good to be positive and hope for the best, but you need to be realistic about what could happen. Sometimes just a few well-chosen words at the right time is all it takes.

3. Eat the skin.  Sadly, I’m not talking about KFC. Fruit skin is filled with nutrients, and if washed well, is extremely good for you. Obviously you have to peel fruit for little ones, so they don’t choke, but older kids and adults can benefit from the chewy goodness.

4. Look at the sky.  Go outside and take a few good minutes to just look at the sky. On a clear sunny day, the beautiful blue makes you feel happy to be out in the fresh air. On a cloudy day, the shapes you see are limited only by your imagination. And at sunrise or sunset, the changing colours are just a joy to watch. We’re so busy getting things done, sometimes we forget to look around, much less up!

5. Love the library.  How fabulous would it be if there was a local place you could go to read a wonderful variety of books, and even take them home…..for free? Oh that’s right, there is! I love our library so much, and always marvel that we have so much information on hand, and can even request books that the library doesn’t carry. Not to mention the cool events that libraries always seem to be holding. It makes me happy that much of our holiday time is spent in the awesome land of books.

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  1. Lisa it’s been a while since I’ve read any blogs and I have to say I love your blog’s new look, although it’s probably not new but love it anyway! I love your list of five things, particularly number one. I wear a lot of black so my goal this year is to branch out into more colour.

    • Thanks Leanne, still some bugs, but I’ll get there. I’m trying to wear more yellow, so let’s see how we both go. xx

  2. I loved the KFC joke. YES! Look at the sky! I agree wholeheartedly. When you see the moon or stars and really focus it makes you realise how small and inconsequential our problems are in the space of the universe :)

  3. Great tips Lisa. I think I’ve got 3,4 and 5 down but could probably put more effort into 1 & 2! I love the new look of your blog :-) xo

  4. Happy New Year Lisa! Love the list.
    Am working really hard at number 5 this year. Have already been to the library twice!

  5. I love the sky, a clear blue spring sky fills me with optimism and I think a cloudy, moody autumn/winter sky is so romantic :)

  6. I love looking up at the sky Lisa – I didn’t realise how much until the year we lived in Canada and the sky was so often shrouded in cloud. I’m rather obsessed with the moon. Thanks for your list – you have reminded me of the joys of the library especially.

  7. The sun does beautiful things in the sky, especially at this time of year. I am doing these things, if only a little.

  8. I miss my library. I haven’t been in ages. Just so annoying that parking is shocking there.
    Fruit skin – hmmm…the only way I can get to eat that is when I shove a whole orange in my juicer…otherwise, sorry Lisa, no can do :-/

  9. I just love this idea of trying new things, rather than big sweeping new year’s resolutions. I imagine if you implemented each of these suggestions regularly, quite a lot of other things might change for the better too. Great post :)

  10. YES to new colour, must get away from black because it hides my tummy! Sky, must work on that more – and library, well for the kids but it’s kind of helping me inadvertently! Love your insights Lease xxxx

  11. Very refreshing thoughts for then new year!

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