On Monday I was lucky enough to share my walk with a pod of dolphins, cruising through the cove. Sadly, each time I took a photo, they disappeared, so I may as well have been getting images of the Loch Ness Monster!

At least the pelicans further up the beach were more co-operative, and happy to pose for me.





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You Can Or You Can’t


1939 Ford truck in a field in Southern Alberta


We all want to succeed at things, and do as much as possible to make this happen. There’s no way we would ever do anything to jeopardise that right? Well, maybe not always. As strange as it sounds, sometimes we do things that aren’t completely conducive to success.

I know that I can hold back sometimes, if I know everything won’t be as perfect as I want is to be. And that starts the cycle of not achieving, because I never really get started properly.

Naturally we would all like everything we do to be 100% perfect first time, every time. But life’s not like that, and sometimes you just have to get started on something and make adjustments and improvements a you go along.

Imagine if everyone held back from doing things, until they knew it would all run smoothly and be perfect. Nothing would ever get done! The whole mindset of “if it’s not perfect, it’s not worth doing” can be easy to fall into, and in my case has a lot to do with lack of self confidence.

Ideas pop into my head, and if I don’t think I can bring them to life exactly as I imagine, I can easily sabotage my own efforts. I have to make myself realize that everything I do doesn’t have to start out as I hope it will finish. Sometimes I’ll need to adjust and change things along the way, and that’s perfectly OK.

I’m trying to be kinder to myself, and not expect stellar results from the word go. Some things are even better when they’re left to develop at their own rate, with a disaster or two thrown in along the way.

As that clever old Henry Ford once said, “Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right”.


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The Other Side Of Fear



Just Jump!


heartbeatoz+tumblr.jpg 427×640 pixels



Into each day,

Into life.

Sitting around, just waiting.

Making excuses for not doing.

Thinking everyone else has it easier.

That’s not living!

Get out there and chase it.

No excuse is good enough.

It’s as easy as you make it.

It’s there for the taking.

Every morning a new challenge,

So many possibilities.


Into each day,

Into life.

Just jump!


Waving on Pinterest


One thing I remember from my childhood is going to sleep to the sound of waves crashing, when we would go on holidays to the Gold Coast. I love that sound so much, and hope one day it will be the regular soundtrack to my days. Until then, I can make do with the beautiful images on my Waving board on Pinterest.





Beautiful and Powerful!


The powerful crash and churn of Lake Michigan waves against the lighthouse at St. Joseph, Michigan.


Rough Sea by Giovanni Allievi @ 500px    Rough sea n12 / Giovanni Allievi-


No.99 wave crushes


Love That Movie!


sad when a man has better legs than you do !!


Last night I watched The First Wives Club for about the hundredth time, and I loved it as much as the first time I saw it. Seriously, with that fabulous trio of Bette Midler, Goldie Hawn and Diane Keaton how could you go wrong? I love how they all start out sad and downtrodden, then break out to show the strong, positive women they really are. It always makes me think anything is possible. Even though I know it’s basically a fairytale, I still love how it makes me think and feel happy. Those girls can do anything and so can I!

Over the years I’ve gathered a long list of titles that evoke emotion, whether they be happy, sad, outrage or awe, and they are the movies I could watch over and over again. Here’s a few that always get me, in absolutely no particular order. They’re not reviews, just reasons why I love the movies.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show. My favourite of all time. How could you not appreciate a sweet transvestite from transsexual Transylvania? I know not only all the song lyrics, but every single word of dialogue. Sad, but true.

Beaches. Sometimes you just feel like a good cry.

Pulp Fiction. Tarantino at his most outrageously fabulous.

The Sixth Sense. I honestly didn’t see it coming!

The World According To Garp. So many layers, and Robin Williams was just brilliant.

The Godfather. I’ve always been fascinated by the Mafia culture, and loved the darkness of this.

Swingshift. When Goldie met Kurt, and their chemistry was beautifully obvious.

The Colour Purple. As harrowing as this movie is, I think it was so well done without being melodramatic.

Casino. The smooth characters all fitted together so well.

The Life Of Brian. Monty Python at his best in my mind, and a great song too.

Caddyshack. Bill Murray’s determination to get that gopher was epic!

Fast Times At Ridgemont High. I so wanted to be a student at this high school. I also love it because I discovered the music of Jackson Browne because of it.

The Blues Brothers. The BEST car chase in any movie, ever!

Fargo. The convoluted plot of this movie gets me every time I watch it.

Memento. Very clever, as long as you concentrate. No chatting during this one.

The Disorderly Orderly. Jerry Lewis movies were a Saturday afternoon tradition in our house when I was little, and this is my favourite.

Mr. Mom. I just love Michael Keaton in this one, the vacuuming scene is the best! And I just couldn’t believe him as Batman because of it.

Play Misty For Me. Clint Eastwood was perfectly broody in this simple thriller.

Almost Famous. The mum character made the movie for me, and I thought Kate Hudson was gorgeous as Penny Lane.

Face/Off. Cage and Travolta played off each other perfectly in this, and were both equally creepy.

Superbad. Bad taste and lots of LOLing.

When Harry Met Sally. I loved watching them grow up through the storyline.

Diary Of A Wimpy Kid. The favourite movie I’ve seen with Bell.

Yours, Mine & Ours. The original with Lucille Ball and Henry Fonda. Just sweet.

Father Of The Bride. I prefer the Steve Martin remake of this one. I would love a dad like this.

The Usual Suspects. Two words……Keyser Soze. Kevin Spacey nailed this!

Jaws. The ocean has always fascinated me, even more after Jaws. Plus, I wasn’t allowed to see it when it first came out, so it was even more exciting!

Raiders Of The Lost Ark. I love this almost comic book action movie.

Happy Gilmore. Just silly, just funny.

The Big Chill. So many great actors, and an awesome soundtrack. Every movie should have The Rolling Stones playing You Can’t Always Get What You Want as part of it.

Riding In Cars With Boys. This movie always makes me a bit sad, it kind of has a “what could have been” feeling about it. I love anything Drew Barrymore does, and this showed that she can do drama as well as comedy.

I could list hundreds more, but you know, boring. So, what’s your most favourite movie of all time?


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Man In A Hat


Staying together. #peace love this photo! would be a cute wedding pic and then years down road recreate!


A beautiful old hat-wearing man just made me smile, and I’m so grateful. My day so far has been kind of off kilter, and this sight has just tipped it back into balance.

This morning I had to take Violet to the vet for her vaccinations and check-up. Why I thought it would go well is beyond me, but my coffee definitely should have been stronger! I couldn’t get her in the cage, and after two very large scratches and much blood, put her in the car and took the empty cage as well. I knew the vet would be able to get her in for the trip home. Thank goodness it’s only three blocks away; that big girl complained loudly all the way there.

So, all the medical stuff was done, and the vet confirmed what I had suspected about Violet’s heritage; she wasn’t the medium sized breed we had been told she was when she was a few weeks old and came into our family. She’s a Maine Coon, the biggest breed of domestic cat, and would likely end up the size of our dogs! Poor love doesn’t have a weight problem, she’s just a giant.

We got home and I realized my shirt was covered in blood, so in the bin with that one. I was in the kitchen and could hear a weird shuffling noise coming down the hallway. I looked over the bench to see a foot-long blue tongue lizard slowly making it’s way to the couch with Violet following it!!! Thank goodness she’s not a hunter, I don’t think I could have dealt with a cat/lizard fight in my lounge room. But it did slither under the couch, and I didn’t know how I was going to get it out of the house. I’d already rung John at work to tell him about my not so fabulous vet trip, and knew he wouldn’t be home for at least a few hours.

I couldn’t relax, knowing that dragon under the couch could come out at any time, and about 30 seconds later, he did! I grabbed an old towel and picked him up, then freaked out all the way to the back yard. Eventually I managed to herd him through the yard, with Lola, Lulu and Violet following, and out to the driveway, where I knew he’d be able to get somewhere safe. If anyone saw our procession, it would have looked hilarious, all of us in single file with a blue tongue leading the way.

By now, I was feeling like today was going to be one of those days when only strange stuff happens, so was kind of on guard. I was driving to the shops when I saw him. He was walking with a beautifully dressed lady, his hat topped with a feather. I was stopped at the lights and watched them crossing the road. He reached for her hand and didn’t stop smiling as they chatted all the way. They had that comfortable presence that I hope John and I will always have together, and that single thought made my day tip back onto it’s axis and it all felt good.

Sometimes, just seeing a little bit of joy in someone else is all you need to get your balance back. Witnessing a simple thing like an elderly couple enjoying each others’ company made the craziness of my day disappear. I hope I can always recognize the good things around me, because when you look, they’re everywhere!


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Bell, John and I went out for afternoon tea the other day, and this happened!

I would like to say that I had none of it, but…….


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The Zen Files // Carla from My Yellow Heart


We’re looking into another Zen File today, and Carla from My Yellow Heart has answered some nosey questions. Carla’s blog is gorgeous all over, starting with the striking masthead and carrying right through the beautiful stories she shares. Her recipes are also something to be savoured, complete with delicious photography.


Please tell us what your blog is about and why you started it.

I started my blog almost one year ago. Originally it was my way of keeping in touch with family and friends after moving to the outback of WA for my husband’s work. But since then it has slowly changed, becoming less about our move and more about my thoughts and snippets of our life. I try to focus mostly on the happy and joy in our lives while trying to find some kind of silver lining (however small) in the negatives.


What does “zen” mean to you?

I consider “zen” to be a state of mind. An accepting and understanding of oneself and of your limitations. I’m not sure I’d use the word “zen” to describe me as such. But I do find myself feeling happier in myself, who I am and the choices that I make more than I ever have before.

It’s not that I don’t give a damn about opinions or what others might think or say about me, I’m just more comfortable with it. I know me better than anybody else and it’s a waste of my own energy trying to control or change anything or anyone outside of myself. It’s been a hard lesson for me to learn, but one I’m glad that I have. It has been freeing.

That feeling of peace in who you are, is what mostly encompasses zen for me.


What’s something you do just for yourself, that makes you feel whole?

As a Mum to two young daughters there isn’t a lot that I do that is just for me. So I make sure whatever it is, however small, even if it’s just a walk on my own, that I enjoy it. Take my music, listen to it loud, walk as far as I need to. Whatever it is that I need to do. Moments like those make me feel like my own person again, a woman, not “just” a Mum.

coral bay8 

Are you working towards anything that will make a positive change in your life?

Yes and no.

It’s all still in the pipeline, in my mind. Too close to my heart and too soon to talk about as a result.


Is your blog what you thought it would be when you first started it?

I’m not really sure I knew what I was doing when I started blogging. I certainly had no vision, or even real purpose in my blog.

I just did it.

I’m happy for my blog to go wherever it does or doesn’t go as a result!

Lemon and Rhubarb cookies

I have so many wonderful blog favourites that make me smile, what are the 3 that brighten your day, plus one that we may not have heard of before?

One of the best things about my own blog, has been finding so many other great blogs to read also. It’s hard to pick favourites, so I won’t. But the 3 latest blogs that I’ve stumbled across, and that I’m enjoying reading are The Veggie Mama, Mumabulous and Fit Mother Hubbard (I’ve started this new exercise thing and I need all the motivation I can get).

As for one you may not have heard of I’d have to say House Nerd. The lovely Maya shows the most gorgeous homes on her blog, you won’t need to buy a home Beautiful magazine again!


The Random Roundup……just for a bit of fun.

Which do you prefer?


Beach or Country. I’m a beach girl at heart.


Pinterest or Instagram. Instagram, but I do love Pinterest, I just don’t have the time to “waste” on it!


Cheese or Chocolate. I’ll take either.


Flats or Heels. Flats, I can be a little wobbly on heels even when sober.


Black & White or Colour Photography. Colour.


Cool or Warm Weather. Both.


Fruit or Veggies. Veggies, particularly salads.


Early Nights or Night Owl. Oh I’m a terrible night owl, I wish I was an up with the birds type, but it’s never been the case.


TV or Radio. TV.


Comedy or Drama. I enjoy a drama, but I love anything or anyone who makes me laugh.

For a little bit of lovely in your day, grab your favourite cuppa and stop by My Yellow Heart to see what happens in Carla’s world.


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Out There