Black White Black White on Pinterest

I just love black and white photography, and when I discovered Pinterest, I discovered a wealth of it. This is by far my most popular board, and also my very favourite to look through. If you have a spare hour or two, take a look at my Black White Black White board and enjoy some truly amazing works of art.



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Streetcar beautifully reflected in a large water puddle. Lisbon, Portugal.


love it


♥ Patrick Gonzales


Hairy Spiral by


Old schoolhouse





The Journey

Etsy love..



We hear and read a lot about “the journey”. Every time I go to write that, it feels like I’m channelling a new-age try hard, using the latest cool catchcry. But for the purpose of this post, I’m going to refer to that much talked about, and almost mythical journey.

So, we all have goals, whether they’re big or small, and whether you even realize and acknowledge them. In some way,we’re all heading somewhere, and that’s where the journey comes into the picture.

Do you get up every morning looking forward to something? Are you working towards something that you consider life changing? Is there a particular goal that gets you through the tough times?

Yes to any of those? Well, then you’re on a journey. You’re working towards something that is going to make a difference to your life in some way.

But, and it’s an important but, don’t make the mistake of being in such a rush to get there, that you don’t actually enjoy the whole journey.

Remember when you were a kid, and something big was on the horizon? Every minute of the day was filled with anticipation of that event. It may not have even been a big thing in reality, but the buildup made it all the more exciting.

As we get older, the excitement and urgency fades away, and it’s all about the prize at the end. See if you can break it down and look at each step as a separate fabulous thing. As floaty as it sounds, the whole journey is there to be enjoyed, so why miss out on any part of it?

Do you look at each step as something exciting, to be enjoyed?


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The Life

Imagine spending all day either eating or sleeping, and having people tell you how pretty you are.

Unrealistic? Not if you’re Violet. This girl is livin’ the life!



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The Zen Files // Sam from A life On Venus

A blog that I’ve only recently discovered is A life On Venus, a lovely mix of books, parenting and life. Sam has answered some nosey questions so we can see just what part zen plays in her life.

Please tell us what your blog is about and why you started it.

My blog is about my life. I blog about parenting mainly but really anything that comes into my head. I started blogging when I was pregnant with my second child because I suffered PND after my first baby and I wanted to have something for me after he was born, a place I could share how I was feeling and what I was doing and I fell in love with it and am so glad that I started it. It has kept me sane.

What does “zen” mean to you?

Zen means mental happiness to me. I have suffered depression and anxiety in the past and learnt mediation and cognitive therapies. To me that is Zen, when you can be at peace with your own thoughts.

Which 5 people from history would you most like to have dinner with and what do you think the conversation would be about?

I can only think of two, I hope that is ok. I would love to have dinner with Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo. I would hope the conversation was about their work and thought processes and also life in Italy at that time.

Are you working towards anything that will make a positive change in your life?

At the moment I am trying very hard to work out my back, neck, hip issues so am seeing a physio and doing pilates. I am hoping that this will have a positive effect on my physical and mental wellbeing.

Is your blog what you thought it would be when you first started it?

To be honest I wasn’t sure what I thought my blog would be when I first started. I think it is always changing though and will probably continue to change as I do.


I have so many wonderful blog favourites that make me smile, what are the 3 that brighten your day, plus one that we may not have heard of before?

I love Have A Laugh On Me,  Mummy Wife Me and My Little Sunshine House. Also, two blogs that are fairly new to me are Create Bake Make and Bake Play Smile.

The Random Roundup…… just for a bit of fun.

Which do you prefer?

Beach or Country.


Pinterest or Instagram.


Cheese or Chocolate.


Flats or Heels.


Black & White or Colour Photography.


Cool or Warm Weather.


Fruit or Veggies.


Early Nights or Night Owl.

Early nights.

Tv or Radio.


Comedy or Drama.


Sam has kindly invited us all to grab a cuppa and a cookie, and pop over to see what it’s like living A Life On Venus.


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Pushing The Deadlines

Office inspiration


Deadlines, do they terrify you or light a fire in your belly? I think I may have a bit of weird addiction to the thrill of a deadline, and it really confuses me.

When I was at school, I would leave assignments right till the very last day to complete. I can vividly remember setting my alarm for 4.30 one morning to finish a particular piece that was to be handed just a few hours later. I also remember actually receiving an award for that assignment!

It’s the same with whatever I’m doing, and as hard as I try to change, I just keep doing it. It really messes with my head, and as someone who likes to micro-manage every little thing, I just don’t seem to be playing by my own rules.

You know when you see busy people, zooming around, getting stuff done? They look like they’re totally in control of the situation, and I find myself wishing I was like that. I’m pretty impressed when I see someone doing things in a hurry, and looking like they’re on a mission. I’ve always been a bit sad about not going further with my education, and actually having a career, and can’t help but associate success with being busy.

Maybe I subconsciously think that whatever I’m rushing to finish has more importance if I race to get it completed on time. Or maybe I’m rebelling against my own hardline rules. Or maybe I’m just nowhere near as organized as I like to think I am!

Do you struggle with deadlines, or do you have everything completed way before due dates?


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Easter pastel eggs



Easter, way back then.

Counting the sleeps,

Till the Bunny comes.

A box at the foot of the bed,

Filled to make a nest.

Waking at dawn,

Checking for treasure.

Squeals as we see

A nest full of colours.

Piles of eggs,

Who got the best?

Easter, now.

Waiting for late night,

To fill the nest.

The same bright colours,

Foil and cardboard.

Woken at dawn

By squeals of joy.

“Look mum, he came!”

Piles of eggs,

Which to eat first?

Easter back then and Easter now.

Has it changed?

Not a bit.


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Random Rainbow on Pinterest

What better way to brighten your day, than a burst of glorious colour? My Random Rainbow board on Pinterest never fails to make me smile.

The Wizard of Oz


Photoshop. Layer your child's art over their photo!


Flower bed




Love this one. :)




5 Good Things For You


5 good

When I started this, I intended it to simply be 5 things that may make your days a little more zen. But the things just kept coming, and todays’ group takes it up to 100 good things!

1. Wander. Do you ever take the time to just go for a wander? Busy, busy, busy people don’t always have a lot of spare time to get out and go for a leisurely walk, but it can be a fabulous adventure. It doesn’t need to be just the neighbourhood, if you haven’t toured your city lately, why not find a few hours to look around? When you drive everywhere, you can miss the little details that make up where you live, and it’s sometimes an eye opener to just go for a wander.

2. Admit defeat. I’ve been hearing this quote a lot lately: “the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”. And yes, if you know that you’re not going to win this one, it may be time to admit defeat. Is the amount of stress and energy you’re going to go through worthy of the result? If it’s something that you know you simply can’t win, and it’s having a negative effect on your life, maybe it’s time to move on.

3. Dance in your kitchen. You’ve had a heavy day, and you realize it’s only 5 o’clock and you still have about a thousand things to do before finally falling into bed. Best that you just take a deep breath and carry on, feeling grumpy the whole time, right? No!! Best that you turn on some wild music and dance around the kitchen for 10 minutes! If you’re home alone, let loose and pretend you’ve got a fabulous audience cheering you on. If your family is around, grab them and make them join in, then everyone gets those endorphins racing. Sometimes you’ve just got to put the sensible stuff on hold and let your head go for a while.

4. Embrace Imitation. Sometime in your life you’ll probably know someone who copies you. When you’re a little kid it’s kind of cute, as you get older it can be annoying, and as an adult it may even be a little creepy. But when you really think about it, imitation is flattering. If one of your circle thinks highly enough of you to copy your style, take pride in that. If someone at work seems to be following a little too close in your footsteps, think that you’re having a positive impact. Even in the creative world, our designs mysteriously turn up in other designers’ collections. And as annoying as that can be, it’s probably easiest to congratulate yourself on thinking of it first, then move on to your next creation. If you can look at it as a compliment, you’re the ultimate winner in this situation.

5. Love yourself!  Nothing I, or anyone else says can make you do this one, but no excuses, just do it. YOU ARE SO WORTH IT!

So now I’ve shared 100 good things, but I absolutely think number 100 is the most important. Can you honestly say you love yourself?


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