Are You A Greeter?


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Over the holidays, it came to my attention that I may be a bit over the top with greeting. It’s always been a habit of mine to say “hi” to my family first thing in the morning, animals included, but not everyone is in the habit of doing this.

John, Bella and I went away for a week at the start of the school holidays, and Bell’s friend Hayley came with us. The girls have been friends since they met as 2-year-olds, when both families built our houses next to each other. They’ve always had sleepovers, she comes home from school with us 2 days a week and feels comfortable enough to let me know when she’s hungry, without getting Bella to do the asking.

But living with someone for a whole week is different to an overnight stay here and there, and obviously long enough to notice someone’s personality quirks.

And when I say someone, I mean me.

After a couple of days away, Hayley asked me why I say “good morning/hey/hello” every morning. I hadn’t really though about it before, as it’s something I’ve always done. I asked her if she thought it was strange, and she said no, but didn’t know anyone else who did it.

When I though about it, I realized that it may seem odd, but it’s just something I’ve always done. Even our animals are used to it, and Violet replies with a long meow when I speak to her. She’s probably just demanding that I hurry up with her breakfast, because big girl’s gotta eat, but I choose to believe she’s answering with a hello of her own.

I think it’s nice to start the day with a friendly greeting to each other, and it kind of puts me in a good mood for the rest of the day when I get a happy reply.

I guess some people aren’t really comfortable with what may seem like being over familiar. Our regular courier guy used to just give me a nervous nod when he first started delivering parcels to our house. But now he’s quite OK with my hearty hellos. Sometimes now he even beats me to it!

Same thing when I’m in a shop. I always greet the checkout operator, and don’t even realize I’m doing it, until I get an odd look. But really what’s wrong with saying hello and acknowledging people? I know I’d rather get that, than a grumpy grunt, or nothing at all.

I know we’re busier than we’ve ever been (are we really?), and stuff needs to get done. But it doesn’t take much extra effort to smile and say Hi to someone. Try it for yourself and they may even beat you to it next time you see them. I think the more happy we can put out there, the better.


So is it just one of my funny little quirks, or are you a regular greeter too?


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Never forget it.


“Eatin’ On The Street” On Pinterest


It’s been a little while since I went through my Pinterest boards, so I thought it was time for an update. In this glorious Summer weather, it’s lovely eating outdoors, and food trucks are the perfect place to find some goodies.

My favourites are the little ones with lots of character, and usually a chatty owner. I love finding out how they came to selling their wares from a truck. My Eatin’ On The Street board has so many that I would love to find at any of our local markets.


New for 2013 - Our Classic Citroen HY pizza Van!



A huge trend in Paris...the street food trucks.....Mozza Co. food truck Paris.



Good and Proper Tea in London: Remodelista



California Bakery food truck. Crisp bright design. #foodcart



Alchemy Coffee, Richmond. Really digging this stainless steel & rustic timber fit out.



@Andrea Parker Spradlin  Dessert Van...kinda like the one that stays at Alyssa's in Pace and does lunch, desserts, etc....


2014 Went Like This


Vintage typewriter with Victorian door.  Pink and mint Kitchen.  Cindy Brown Design.



Well it can never be said that I’m at the frontline of trends.  While everyone else has done their wrap-up posts for 2014, and have moved on to the new year, here’s me just having a lovely time deciding what my favourites were.

The thing is, I had every intention of doing this in the last week of last year. Then I started reading, and reading, and I kind of got lost. I posted a lot last year, and even managed every day until mid-August, so there was much to go through.

So here I am, looking back on my favourite posts for 2014. Maybe you’ve read some of them, or maybe you’ll find one that is of some interest. I actually don’t even remember writing some of them, so I think that’s why it took me so long to finish putting this list together. Seriously, sometimes I’m on total auto pilot!


January.   Mama Sacrifices.


February.   Letting Her Grow.


March.   I Love You, But I Don’t Always Like You.


April.  Inhale Exhale.


May.  The Calm And The Chaotic.


June.  Details.


July.  I Love You A Hundred.


August.   Away From Home.


September.  Do You Laugh?


October.  Are You Living Your Happy?


November.  Life’s Way Too Short.


December.   Introducing, The Blog Roll.


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Couldn’t Imagine


You Can




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Spare A Thought


Do you ever hear a story about someone and think “Wow, that could have been me!”? Every now and then I do, but never more than when I heard from someone who lived halfway across the world.



Towards the end of last year I received an email which made me put some things into perspective. I usually read any sponsored post offers, then reply that I’m not really interested, because nothing seems to fit with my space. I guess that’s to be expected when you’re writing about randomness, isn’t it?

But this one wasn’t about sponsored content, it was a request to help spread a message. And when I read the story behind it, I could only think “There but for the grace of God, go I”.

Heather Von St. James had only given birth to her daughter three months earlier, when she was diagnosed with mesothelioma.  The usual life expectancy after diagnosis is around 15 months, but Heather and her husband Cameron decided they weren’t going to accept that, and starting searching for alternatives.

Through sheer persistence and research, Heather found a doctor who helped with the fight. Now she puts her energy into sharing her story and letting others know that there is hope.


“Today, I am an eight-year mesothelioma cancer survivor and have made it my mission to help other mesothelioma victims around the globe. I share my personal story to help spread hope and awareness for others going through this, in hopes that one day no one else will have to.”

Heather Von St. James.


Heather’s story struck me because that could have so easily been me. Her disease was contracted from repeated exposure to asbestos, when as a little girl she would wear her fathers work jacket. He wore the jacket on construction sites, where he regularly came into contact with asbestos dust. I also spent a lot of time on building sites with my dad when I was really young, and think it was probably just sheer luck that I wasn’t exposed to asbestos.

I’ve lost close relatives to cancer, my dad included, and have several in my family still fighting the dreaded disease. If there’s any way I can help bring awareness to the fight against it, I’m in.

Sometimes a story stands out amongst the chatter coming at you from all directions. And sometimes that story just needs to be shared.


I would love you to visit the blog where Heather talks about her challenges, and see if there’s some small way you can help spread awareness of the fight against mesothelioma. Here story is inspiring, and watching her short video lets you know she wasn’t going down without a fight.



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New Opportunities


new year

One Word 2015: Share



The new year is knocking at the door, and it’s time to choose the word that will represent what I’m aiming for in the 12 months ahead. At the end of 2013, the word I decided on for the following year was DARE.

Well, I dared to do a few new things, and some went OK. Some didn’t quite get off the ground as I’d hoped, but they’re just being put on the back burner for the perfect time in the future. I can never make myself totally give up on an idea once it’s been hatched, so you never know what I may reintroduce at a later date.

It’s become a kind of tradition to join in the link that Bron from Maxabella Loves hosts; all of us sharing our hopeful words for the new year. If you have a post that is about your word, it’s a great place to share it with other like-minded bloggers. You’ll not only be inspired, but also may get some ideas about the direction you may like to travel in.

Bron’s been nice and helpful and provided some questions to get us thinking about that word.


1. What word do you think best summed up 2014?

My word was DARE and I think I did. I like to think I push myself, and I’m always up for a challenge, so this was a good word for me.


2. What did you do for the first time this year?

Tried my hand at using a paintbrush. I’ve been playing with watercolours, acrylic and ink and I’m loving it! My aim is to perfect my brush stroke technique, and illustrate the quotes I’ve been creating to be used on cards to be shared.


3. What is one thing that happened that will have lasting consequences?

I made a new life-long friend in Deb from Inner Compass Designs (formerly Home Life Simplified). Deb and I connected online through our blogs, and I’m happy to say she’s become someone whose opinion I value. She also loves a good chat as much as I do, so that’s a plus!


4. Was there anything you wish you’d done differently? 

I wish I’d had more willpower when it comes to my chocolate intake. I’m not a big one for New Year’s resolutions, but will definitely be working on cutting back and eating healthier. John and I are both planning on being more conscious of what we eat and how much exercise we do, so are planning on keeping each other on track.


5. Do you have a favourite moment from the year? What made it special?

I’ve had lots of lovely moments through the year, but one that really stood out is when we went on our first holiday away for the first time in years. We went away for a week at the start of these Christmas holidays, and stayed at Sea World. The look on Bella’s face when she walked into our room was priceless! There was nothing flash about our getaway, it was family time all the way. But just being able to relax and do things when we felt like it was so good.

If you asked Bell to describe where we stayed, I’m pretty suer she would make it sound like we actually stayed at the Versace next door. When you’re 11, anywhere that’s not home is a palace, I guess.


6. What lessons has 2014 taught you about yourself? About others?

I’ve realized that I can’t master something new right from the beginning. I’ve always been guilty of expecting myself to be good at new things, and get increasingly frustrated if I’m not up to the standard I think I should be. Not only is that way of thinking unrealistic, it just makes you feel like giving up if all doesn’t go to plan.

This year, through trial end error, I’ve managed to make myself stick at something that I’m not fabulous at. I’m more open to learning from my mistakes, and that’s been a lot easier to cope with than feeling like a failure.

I’ve also found out that most people are a bit reserved when it comes to talking about themselves, and need a little push. I’ll continue to be that person that gives a slight shove, and encourages others to open up and share what they’re all about. I love finding out more about others, and intend being as nosey as I’ve always been.


7. How will the lessons from this past year change the way you approach the new year?

I’ll have a go at a lot more things, and hopefully revisit those that I’d previously written off. I love trying new  things, and now I feel that my determination won’t be a waste. It also feels like I’m giving myself permission to experiment and do things a few different ways.


8. What do you most want to do in 2015?

Finally get the tattoos I’ve been wanting for years. There are lots of things I want to achieve, and I’ll tackle those challenges as the year goes on. But something totally materialistic I want are those tattoos. I’ve had the design in my mind for a long while now, but just haven’t gotten around to it. Now that John is having a tattoo done to indicate his new-found allergy, it’s been the catalyst for me to get on with it. I’m looking at the next couple of weeks, and I’m a little bit excited!


9. What do you most want to change about yourself? The world?

My part in changing the world is what it’s always been; put more good stuff out there. I don’t think any small bit of positive energy is wasted, and it always seems to have an effect somewhere. It doesn’t sound like much, but a smile shared here and there can be a powerful thing.

As for me personally; maybe being a bit more selfish, and do some more things just for me. I’m not going to feel guilty if I take a few hours at a time to read, and may even sneak in a nanna nap every now and then. But really, I’m my own worst enemy when it comes to this, and tend to feel like I should always be productive.

Note to self; you can’t be super productive if you don’t feel fabulous, give yourself a break.


10. What one word do you hope will sum up what you hope to achieve in 2015?


I started sharing with my Zen Notes, and look forward to keep that going. I feel like I’ve got lots more quotes in me yet, and hope that I’ll perfect my hand lettering enough to paint them on the cards that I give away.

The main way I’ll be sharing this year, is through my new blog The Blog Roll. Its sole purpose is to provide a space for everyone to share what their blog is all about. I know most people, myself included, have slowed down over the Christmas/New Year break, but hope when everything is back to normal, you’ll all jump in and tell us about why and where you write.


So there it is, my word for 2015 is SHARE. Last year it was DARE, and if I keep going along this line, I’m thinking 2016 will be all about retro 70′s clothing; FLARE anyone?

My wish for your new year is that you do some stuff that makes you happy, enjoy good health and jump at every opportunity that makes you smile.

Happy New Year!


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Happy Merry


happy merry