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Bachelor Buttons - both my pepere and my favourite flowers. Memories...


Today I’m visiting over at Mummy Manifesto, where the lovely Lisa has given me some curly questions to answer. If you’d like to know a bit more about how my brain ticks, pop over here for a stickybeak.


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More Random Than Zen




Well, I managed to post for 218 days straight, then the plague hit and my plans to post every day for a year went to pieces! I wasn’t doing it for any other reason than to see if I could, and I was travelling pretty well, actually in quite a rhythm. But sometimes life comes along and all your plans just go out the window.

I’ve been off all social media for a week now, and am ready to get back into it. I’ve missed Instagram a lot, but mainly the habit of blogging every day, and catching up with everyone else.

So now that I’ve broken my streak, I’ll take it as a sign that I need to focus on other stuff. I’ll still be posting regularly, just no pressure to do it every day.

If I owe you correspondence, I apologise and will definitely get to it all this week. Also, a big thank you and hug to those of you who contacted me to see if I was OK. That’s the main thing I love about this community; the caring nature of the people I interact with.

I’ve received the first complete story for The Zen Files book, and WOW, it’s amazing!! If all contributions are of this high calibre, I can’t wait to put this book together. The response to my callout for people to receive some Zen Notes has also been awesome, and I’ll be sending those out towards the end of next week.

So back to reality for me. I’ll be trying to balance things a bit more, and maybe not quite so much juggling. But who knows, new things seem to pop into my head at the most random times, and who am I to say “no” to something random?


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What’s Your Dream? // Lisa Berson


London, which I went to. I loved it. I was young, I stayed in hostels, I roamed around everywhere with no map.


This week we’re sharing the dreams of someone who must be pretty fabulous at time management, because she juggles so many things in her life! Lisa Berson is a freelance writer and blogger, a midwife, mum to 3 boys and wife. She’s partial to dark chocolate, paperback books, sunshine, and is in denial about the Kindle experience.

Lisa blogs at MummyManifesto, a WA based lifestyle blog, which funnily enough, is about life. It also includes thoughts about motherhood, travel, style, book reviews and writing. With all that going on, I’m surprised Lisa even has time to dream!


What is your most incredible dream?

My most incredible dream is to be a full-time paid freelance writer.

My other dream to achieve once the kids leave home, is that I would like to live in New York or London for a year with my husband or travel around the world just us.


Do you think it’s attainable?

I am at the beginning stages of being a paid writer. I have a couple of copywriting clients, I blog 2-3 times a week on MummyManifesto and I am also getting down some words for my first novel on a regular basis. I also pitch to online & print publications and have had a mixed success rate with that.


How long have you been holding onto this dream?

I have held a long term dream to own and manage a small business for at least 10-15 years, but never really had a solid idea, capital or the confidence to commit to such a dream.

After I started blogging two years ago, I slowly was introduced to the different ways freelancers work with clients eg. e-courses, consulting, copywriting, freelance writing etc. and thought that this is an avenue I could follow.


What will it take for your dream to become a reality?

Hopefully in a year and a half (my youngest will be at school) I will be able to have a full list of clients and writing work.


Who are the people that encourage you the most? 

My husband supports me the most on a day to day level, I have a couple of friends who are interested and are my cheerleaders to achieve my goal. I don’t really tell other people about my writing, I just keep on keeping on.


Who inspires you, and makes you want to chase your dream?

Alison Tait is a huge inspiration for me as are a number of WA authors and writers (Natasha Lester, Dawn Barker) who make me see that it is achievable to follow your dreams, you just have to believe in yourself, work hard and keep on writing.  Finding other writers and bloggers who are mums, who have a number of jobs but still finding the time to write is really a great motivator for me in achieving my goals. It can be done.
What makes me chase my dream is that I love to write and selfishly I hope my stories can connect with others.
Thanks Lisa for having me on your blog.
I can imagine one day we’ll be reading about Lisa’s adventures, as she travels to her favourite destinations.
You can find Lisa here: Facebook, Google +, Instagram, Linkedin, Pinterest and Twitter.


Happy Music


Today we’re all feeling a bit blah around here; winter has served us up a dose of whatever’s making the rounds at school. Lots of sneezing, coughing and sleeping over the weekend.

So, to cheer up a sick-day Monday, I’m sharing two fabulous songs that I discovered last week. I love them both so much for their upbeatness (yep, it’s a word), and can’t help feeling better when I listen to them.

Play them and tell me you weren’t singing along by halfway through them both.





Edited to add: Not long after posting this, I hit the deck and have been down all week! I’m hoping this weekend sees us all on the mend.


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Sweet Sleep


by anna hollow sleep pastel girl


Sweet sleep,

Such a treat.

Taken for granted on a good week,

Craved on a bad.

That glorious floating,

As you sail into dreamland.

Beautifully re-energizing,

Readying for the new day.

Free in slumber,

Your mind can play.

Travel far,

And break all boundaries.

Resting body,

Soothing mind.

Loving it much.

Sweet sleep.


Motivate Me on Pinterest


I’ve been talking about quotes this week, and what better place to find a fabulous collection than Pinterest. I’ll be using all my own original quotes on my Zen Notes, but have gathered some great ones on my Motivate Me board. Some are really simple, but powerful at the same time.






Motivational quotes // #levo #inspiration


Chalkboard Motivational Quote For Girls  by ATimeAndPlaceDesign, $5.00




Zen Notes



Today is the 1st of August, and usually that would mean a new list of words for the Random Zen Ten photo challenge. But, I’m going to retire the list for a while and work on something else. I gave it a good year, and loved the challenge of finding photos to go with the words, but now I feel it’s time for a change. Maybe some time in the future I’ll bring it back. I’ll never run out of words, so we’ll see.

Back when I began Random Acts of Zen, I was giving out small cards with charms attached, for people to pass onto those who may need a boost. If you’d like to see how it all started, take a quick look here. Now I’ve thought of something else to spread some zen around, and would love to share them.

Since the start of the year I’ve been posting weekly original quotes, and now I’m going to print these onto postcards to share some zen goodness. The same principal as the charms, but something a little different. I love receiving gorgeous cards, and have them all around my workspace for inspiration. I’d like to think that my Zen Notes may inspire a few good thoughts too.

But before I start spreading them around, I’d love some feedback. And that, my dear friends, is where I ask you a favour. If you would like to give me your opinion, let me know and I’ll pop a few in the mail for you. No cost to you, just your thoughts. Feel free to keep one for yourself and share the others with those who could use a smile.

You might even like to leave them in a random spot for someone to find out of the blue. I’ve received some lovely messages from people who’ve found a charm, and they always seem to make their way to someone who needs a positive reminder.

So if you would like some Zen Notes in your letterbox, drop me an email at, and I’ll post them out to you. I’ll send a mix of quotes and colours, and would love to know your favourite.


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Now It Gets Serious


I have quite a fondness for trees. Trees in design of all kinds and trees in photography too. This form of photographing trees is a favorite. I think that it’s very creative and lends a unique, surreal quality to nature photos that make them appear other worldly.       …


Way back in January I posted about the book I plan to write. You can see the details here and here. Well as it does, time has raced away, and it’s time I got serious about the whole process.

I’ve had lots of interest in the project and can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with. I know each person has their own story to tell, and I’m so honoured to be allowed to share these with those who may need to hear them.

I know that at different stages in life, we all need to hear what may have shaped others’ lives. They may be stories of struggle and victory, courage and determination or tales of the happiness that has made a difference.

So, if you’ve thought about joining in, now’s the time to go for it. I’m hoping to have all submissions in by the end of August, but if you need a little longer, that’s fine. If you have any questions, either ask in the comments or send me an email to

I was asked the other day if I’m still enthusiastic about this project, and I have to say I get more excited each time I think about it! I would love to think that others are just as excited to have a platform to share a story of zen in their life.


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On Monday I was lucky enough to share my walk with a pod of dolphins, cruising through the cove. Sadly, each time I took a photo, they disappeared, so I may as well have been getting images of the Loch Ness Monster!

At least the pelicans further up the beach were more co-operative, and happy to pose for me.





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